City Manager

City Manager


The City Manager's position is established by the City Charter. The Charter outlines the duties of the position which is the administrative head of the City government. The City Manager is appointed and removed by a majority of the City Council without regard to political considerations and solely on the basis of qualifications. A major responsibility of the City Manager is keeping the City Council advised of the financial condition of the City on an ongoing basis and addressing future needs of the City. The City Manager has sole responsibility for personnel issues including appointing, disciplining and removal of appointive personnel.

The City Manager has the duty of coordinating all services provided by the City, including the Police Department, Public Works Department (which includes the following divisions:  Street, Water, Parks and Building Maintenance), Finance Department and Library Department.

In the case of North Plains, the City Manager is also the City Planner and has the responsibility for the entire planning program including coordination of consultants, review of all development plans, preparation of all planning reports and staffing the Planning Commission.

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