Jessie Mays Master Plan

We are well into the Final Design Phase for the Jessie Mays Community Hall and Park renovation!

Woofter Architecture has been contracted for the design phase of this project.  The Parks Board has had numerous discussions for the final design of this project. Most meetings have been recorded and you can listen to past meetings by clicking on the "Government" tab.

11/18/2015 Woofter Architecture Powerpoint Presentation: Jessie Mays Renovation Project Design Phase

PowerPoint presentation Woofter Architecture-DESIGN PHASE

The Parks Board developed a master plan for Jessie Mays Community Hall and Park in2014-15. Woofter Architecture was retained to develop a conceptual plan for the park.

Below are materials related to the Master Plan development process and some of the steps that have taken place so far. 

Community Engagement Questionaire

Diagrams of Parks shown at October 16 Chili cook-off

List of Goals and Priorities based in input to date

Meeting notes from the Parks Board meeting on September 24

Contract with consultant:  Woofter and Associates

Jessie Mays Conceptual Plan- To view the final Conceptual Plan click here: Final Report

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